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Manish on 17 Jul 2022 rating 4

The display for the Microsoft Surface Go 3 is sharp and colorful but the speakers could be better. Overall I am satisfied with my purchase

Lakshmi on 16 Jul 2022 rating 5

Compact and easy to carry around. I was hesitant to purchase as the tablet is on the costlier side but through the RFQ feature I got the product at the price I wanted.


Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology corporation which produces computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services.

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Why Microsoft Products Are So Popular among Businesses All over the World

Product customers of Microsoft enjoy a wide range of products for several reasons.

Firstly, the long-life experience of supplying successful products for many years, notably the Windows operating system and Office suite means that users now have familiarity with the products. 

Besides that, Microsoft provides compatibility with many equipment and software which guarantees a good user experience and the ability to modify the device. Their productivity tool package, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and some more, is regarded as feature-packed and user-friendly in the context of creating, editing, and sharing files such as documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. 

Moreover, Microsoft’s effort of integration has been the game changer in creating an environment where all its products work in unison. An example is the smooth integration between Word documents and OneDrive or sharing of files and settings across Windows devices. 

Security is a crucial aspect of Microsoft and thus, Windows Defender antivirus for instance, and BitLocker encryption technologies are built-in for secure data and system protection from cyber threats. Also, Microsoft's enterprise solutions cater to businesses of various sizes and allow them to use scalable and customizable cloud services like Azure cloud and Teams collaboration platform. Extensive support resources through innovation, leave users with easy access to solutions and provide them with continuous growth to their Microsoft experience. 

The Narrator and Magnifier are the accessibility features that are symbolic of Microsoft’s inclusivity commitment, while their global presence guarantees localization and support service that is in line with the diverse regions and languages, thus making Microsoft products acceptable worldwide.

Now, some of the most prevailing high-end Microsoft devices available at DG Business, Dubai in bulk and wholesale and at great prices will be talked about.

High-end Microsoft Laptops to Buy from DG Business, Dubai in Bulk and Wholesale at Unbelievable Prices and Offers.

Microsoft Surface Pro Laptops

The stylish appearance and convenient portability of Microsoft Surface Pro laptops have contributed to their rising popularity. Excellent, sturdy, and high-performing materials go into the construction of these computers. Their pen support and relaxing touchscreen features and customizations come along with them. What sets it apart are the amazing features like these.

It also boasts excellent security features and additional really helpful features due to its integration with the Microsoft ecosystem.

See the wide selection of add-ons for the Microsoft Surface Pro laptop. With so many unique and modern features, this laptop has emerged as a leading option for companies. Another important reason why these laptops are so popular with corporations is their efficiency. Buy Microsoft Surface Pro laptops in bulk and wholesale from DG Business, the top retailer in Dubai, if you want to grow your business.

Microsoft Surface Laptops

The high-end Microsoft Surface laptop's increasing popularity can be attributed to its elegant design and useful portability. These computers are made from high-quality, durable, and practical materials.

These laptops have customizable touchscreen features as well as support for pens.

Notable features of these laptops include its highly customized camera, Thunderbolt 4 port, outstanding battery life, ultra-vivid color with Dolby Vision, and multitasking capabilities. It has outstanding security features as well. It's mostly distinctive because of such characteristics that make the laptop so efficient.

Browse through the many different extensions to these high-end laptops. People have been buying this computer because of how distinctive and up-to-date it is. Not only are they efficient, but they are also these corporate machines that everybody loves. If you want your business to flourish more, consider purchasing a Microsoft Surface Laptop from DG Business — one of Dubai’s leading b2b marketplaces.

Microsoft Arc Mouse

The Microsoft Arc Mouse is a smooth peripheral made for people who are often on the move. It is designed to make them more stylish and productive. This mouse looks just like a crescent moon, which makes it different from the others. The shape of this device was chosen not only for its aesthetics but also because of how comfortable it is to use anywhere at any time. It can easily be carried around while traveling due to its small size and lightweight. Hence, it can slip into bags or pockets without taking up much space or adding too much weight. The Arc Mouse has a touch-sensitive surface area so that you have better control over where your pointer goes as well as how fast or slow you move things around on the screen with precision scrolling.

Besides, being wireless means you don’t need to worry about cables getting tangled up when working at different angles or positions relative to your laptop/desktop – this freedom ensures an increased efficiency level since there won’t be interference caused by wires either. Moreover, this gadget works with both Windows operating systems and macOS devices, making it very versatile and able to meet different needs among various users including business people who travel frequently for work purposes, students studying abroad, etc.

What’s more? You get all these benefits packaged together with an easy-to-use interface excellent click response every time plus a scroll control experience!

Microsoft Keyboard

The Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard is a sleek and functional accessory designed for easy typing on multiple gadgets while looking fabulous at the same time. It has a modern, clean-cut design that matches any office environment therefore ensuring that it is not just useful but also adds beauty to your work environment. 

Through its Bluetooth connectivity, one can have access to their machine such as a PC or tablet in a few minutes by merely connecting it without necessarily using the tangling wires making it very easy for you. The board also comes with a responsive key. So getting it today is just one way of guaranteeing satisfaction.


Which two features make up this expensive laptop's main appeal?

The dualistic and elegant designs of the top-tier Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 are its two most remarkable qualities.

Is there a water resistance feature on the Microsoft surface pro laptop?

This laptop is resistant to both dust and water. Water-resistant equipment is not meant to be submerged in water at all, but it can withstand water penetration from strong sprays.

In what way is the Microsoft arc mouse unlike traditional mice?

The Microsoft Arc Mouse, unlike most other computer mice on the market today can be folded flat and easily portable because of its curved design, which makes it perfect for people who are always moving from one place to another.

How can one link a PC to a wireless keyboard from Microsoft?

The most probable way by which you can connect a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard to your computer is through Bluetooth technology or using a USB receiver. The connection procedure is dependent upon what your device model is like.

Have Microsoft installed any spill-resistant mechanisms on their keyboards?

There are Microsoft keyboards that have spill-resistant designs preventing accidental spills that may as well help make cleaning up easier.