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Buy Electronics in Bulk to Resell, iCONIX.

You can bulk buy electronics through the Iconix UAE Store at DGBusiness.com, so you can use them for your business or resell them for a profit later.

In 2005, ICON Electronic L.L.C. established the brand "iCONIX". Through many years of development, the brand “iCONIX” has developed into a globally famous brand of digital and mobile phone accessories.

With its head office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the company has upgraded 5A-class offices and storage and logistics systems. Since its launch, "iCONIX." has developed its agents in more than 50 countries worldwide and has expanded its product range to include charging devices, power banks, audio products, and video products.

Focusing on a multi-category product, the company intends to build the brand into a self-branded terminal retail store that sells digital spare parts and living products. “iCONIX.” insists on quality first and is devoted to building simple, practical and multi-colour products with young style. The "iCONIX" brand will continue to adhere to these principles and strive to become globally recognised.