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Average item review rating 4 (5)
Disha on 12 Sep 2022 rating 4

Great markers and got a good deal because I purchased a higher quantity

Divya on 13 Sep 2022 rating 4

Nice markers. Good platform to rely on for purchasing in higher numbers

Anika on 16 Sep 2022 rating 4

Lovely colors. A good option for art work and creating different drawings. Bought a set of 20 for a decent price.

Dev on 04 Jan 2023 rating 4

The markers are a great addition to my collection. I bought around 50 pieces and they were delivered within 2 weeks

Arjun on 21 Oct 2022 rating 4

Happy with my purchase and I would purchase again through DGBusiness for a higher quantity.

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There is no question that creative professionals love Copic's iconic graphic markers, artists and hobbyists alike, regardless of whether they are beginners or professionals. There is a wide variety of different shapes and sizes to choose from to suit an individual's needs. There are a whopping 358 colours available with Copic markers on the market, making it the widest colour spectrum. With Copic markers being refillable and able to be replaced with new nibs, they are an environmentally friendly tool that can be used for a long time. Several quality control processes can be implemented to ensure the quality and consistency of colour from batch to batch. Described as the highest quality alcohol-based markers in the world, Copic markers are made with the highest level of Japanese engineering excellence. They are regarded as the highest-quality alcohol-based markers globally. Additionally, we also supply related products and accessories such as Multiliners, premium quality paper and the bespoke Copic Airbrush Set as well as related tools and accessories.