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Average item review rating 4.33333333333333 (5)
Kamal on 08 Jan 2023 rating 5

I recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite SM-P613NZAEXSG 128/4/10.4 Oxford Grey and I love it

Anuradha on 22 Dec 2022 rating 4

I recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and I have to say I'm very impressed. This tablet offers a premium design and powerful performance in a compact package.

Meena on 02 Feb 2023 rating 5

I was impressed with the quality of the screen as it easily showed up to a 10 inch screen. The battery life is amazing and the camera.

Hamza on 17 Mar 2022 rating 4

A mid-range 5G smartphone with decent performance and camera capabilities. Good bulk offers.

Zainab on 19 Mar 2022 rating 4

Great design and affordable. I was pleased with how fast DG Business delivered my package.


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