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    Kavya on 18 Feb 2022 rating 4

    Powerful and stylish speaker with Google Assistant integration. I was impressed with how efficient DG Business was in handling my delivery.

    Jyoti on 17 Feb 2022 rating 3

    High-quality smart speaker with clear and powerful sound. DG Business delivered my package promptly.

    Kunal on 15 Feb 2023 rating 4

    I was looking for a good speaker and I came across the Google Home Max. I love this speaker because of its sound quality and easy setup.Thanks to dgbusiness for timely delivery and a great offer for a bulk deal.

    Ishaan on 17 Sep 2022 rating 4

    One of my best recent purchases. The Google Home Max Bluetooth Speaker is a must have for every household. I bought multiple pieces at a great price on this site and I would highly recommend it.