Check List

for New Partners of Core B2C (Core)

This checklist describes the information that Domestic Partners should be prepared to provide in order to become a fully qualified partner with Core B2C Exchange, also known as Core.

  Partners’ Company’s Legal Name Your Company Legal Name must be the same exact name you have filed with the IRS and must match the name on your W-9 or W-8 Tax Form
  Administrator Contact Name, Email & Phone Number Representative authorized to enter into legal agreements on behalf of your company; person will become your Retail Link Administrator.
  Partners’ Company’s Legal Name If you do not have a D&B / DUNS number, you can get a free one by contacting D&B at the number below:
1-866-815-2749 (within North America)
For more information on D&B / DUNS, visit:
  Company Address The physical, street address of your company - PO Boxes will not be accepted
  Legal Entity Describes the corporate structure of your Company (Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, etc.)
  Tax Identification Information Tax Number: Federal Taxpayer Identification Number or Social Security Number
W-9 Tax Form:Requires the latest version of the form, which can be found at:
  Remit Address Provide email where all transactions and notifications will be sent.
  Tax Identification Information Provide name (Business Name), email address, and phone number for the following Partner contacts: CEO, CFO, Accounts Payable Sales Representative.,

for New Partners of Core B2C (Core)

  Banking Information Includes the Routing Number, Account Number, Bank Account Type, and Account Holder Name. This will be Used for payments made by EFT.
  Business Type Business Type, same as when registered with your State. i.e., manufacturing, resale, printing, restaurant, etc.
  Chemical Product Information When accepting an agreement for appropriate departments / categories pertaining to chemicals, you will be prompted to indicate if your products contain chemicals
    Partner Registration and Certification
  Start Navigate to:
  Registration Register to become a Partner by providing the required information
  Account Activation Receive the Retail Link Account Activation email and respond to request
  Approval Receive Retail Link User ID and Password via email once your application has been approved
  Certification You are now certified to become a Partner with Core and your products can be seen and shopped for by Core Partners and buyers. If they like what they see, they will be able to purchase through Core.
Sign into Retail Link with the new User ID and Password you received in your email, and navigate Manage Order Tab in your Partners Page.
Set up your Partner Profile and Products
  Licenses: Business Contractor etc Please copy and submit your current State license authorizing you to do business.