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O Ozone [Pack Of 2 Front Only] Screen Protector for OnePlus 9 Pro/OnePlus 10 Pro Flexible TPU Film Full Coverage Screen Guard Crystal HD-1P10POSP1X2

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The O Ozone Screen Defenders are intended to give solid insurance to the screens of OnePlus 9 Ace/OnePlus 10 Genius cell phones. Each pack incorporates two front-just screen defenders made of adaptable TPU film, known for its sturdiness and superior quality (HD) lucidity.

These screen defenders offer full inclusion for the front presentation, guaranteeing exhaustive assurance against scratches, scrapes, and regular mileage. The adaptable TPU film takes into consideration simple application and gives a smooth, perfectly clear review insight without compromising touch responsiveness.

The O Ozone screen defenders are intended to be case-accommodating, permitting you to involve them related to most telephone cases with no issues. The exact patterns and aspects guarantee that the screen defender fits impeccably with your gadget, offering consistent similarity and security.

With an enemy of scratch covering, these screen defenders help to keep your gadget's screen liberated from scratches brought about by day to day use, keys, or other sharp items. The high straightforwardness of the TPU film guarantees that the brilliance, variety precision, and sharpness of your screen are safeguarded, permitting you to partake in an energetic and clear presentation.

Moreover, the screen defenders are not difficult to introduce and keep up with. The air pocket free establishment process guarantees a smooth and consistent application, while the case-accommodating plan kills any expected obstruction with your telephone case. They can be effortlessly cleaned with a delicate fabric, keeping your screen liberated from smears and fingerprints.

In synopsis, the O Ozone Screen Defenders are dependable and top notch adornments intended for Huawei P50 Pocket, Huawei P50 Master, and OnePlus 9 Ace/OnePlus 10 Star cell phones. With their adaptable TPU film development, full inclusion plan, top quality lucidity, case-accommodating similarity, and hostile to scratch properties, these screen defenders offer complete security against scratches and give a reasonable and energetic showcase. Pick O Ozone for dependable screen assurance and keep your gadget's screen looking immaculate for longer.

Compatible Products
OnePlus 9 Pro/OnePlus 10 Pro
Material Type
Tempered Glass
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