• "Buy  TEKA Built-in dishwasher DFI 46950 Built In  Online"
  • "Buy  TEKA Built-in dishwasher DFI 46950 Built In  Online"
  • "Buy  TEKA Built-in dishwasher DFI 46950 Built In  Online"

TEKA Built-in dishwasher DFI 46950

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TEKA Built-in dishwasher DFI 46950
Introducing the Fully Integrated Dishwasher, a pinnacle of cutting-edge technology and exceptional functionality that seamlessly integrates into your kitchen space. With its host of features designed to elevate your dishwashing experience, this appliance redefines convenience and performance.

The dishwasher boasts an electronic control panel with a crisp white LED display, providing intuitive navigation and control. The inclusion of a third cutlery tray maximizes interior space, allowing for efficient arrangement of utensils and freeing up room in the lower baskets.

With a generous capacity of 15 place settings, this dishwasher accommodates varying load sizes effortlessly. Choose from an array of 9 washing programs, each tailored to specific cleaning needs. Adjustable washing temperatures – ranging from 35°C to 70°C – ensure optimal results for different types of loads.

Safety is paramount, and the AquaStop safety system provides an additional layer of protection against leaks. The SmartSensor technology gauges the level of dirtiness, customizing each cycle for thorough yet efficient cleaning. The MultiCleaner Sensor enhances precision by adapting to load conditions.

A beam projected onto the floor signifies active operation, preventing accidental interference. The PushUp system, featuring three positions, facilitates versatile loading of larger items. The FlexiSet4 lower basket offers adaptability for varying utensil sizes, while the inclusion of fast programs such as 1Hour and Mini 30 caters to time-sensitive needs.

Special programs like AutoClean, GlassCare, and DualCare ensure optimal results for specific items. The Half Load, Express, and Power Wash functions further enhance efficiency. The Extra Drying function guarantees spotless, dry results with every load.

This dishwasher is designed for ease of installation, offering column and SlidingDoor options. A delay timer of 1 to 24 hours accommodates your schedule, while indicators for low salt and rinse add practicality.

Operating at a mere 46 dBA, this dishwasher harmonizes efficiency with minimal noise. Experience the pinnacle of dishwashing innovation with the Fully Integrated Dishwasher, where advanced features, intelligent design, and exceptional performance converge to revolutionize your kitchen routine.

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