• "Buy  TEKA Induction Hob FullFlex IZF 68700 MST BK Home Appliances  Online"
  • "Buy  TEKA Induction Hob FullFlex IZF 68700 MST BK Home Appliances  Online"
  • "Buy  TEKA Induction Hob FullFlex IZF 68700 MST BK Home Appliances  Online"

TEKA Induction Hob FullFlex IZF 68700 MST BK

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AED 4,699.00

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TEKA Induction Hob FullFlex IZF 68700 MST BK
Introducing the 60cm Urban Colors Edition DirectSense with FullFlex Induction, a culinary masterpiece from the prestigious MasterSense Series. This cutting-edge hob redefines cooking with its FullFlex Induction technology, boasting temperature sensors that elevate your culinary endeavors to new heights. The Urban Colors Edition adds a touch of style to your kitchen, harmonizing innovation and aesthetics seamlessly.

Featuring an array of direct functions equipped with temperature sensors, this hob brings precision and versatility to your cooking repertoire. From delicate rice cooking to immersive grilling, confit, poaching, pan frying, deep frying, quick boiling, keep warm, simmering, and melting, you have the power to craft culinary wonders effortlessly.

The Touch Control MultiSlider interface ensures intuitive and precise control over your cooking zones, enhancing your culinary journey with modern convenience.

With 4 cooking zones, each Ø 262.5 X 195 mm, this hob caters to your diverse cooking needs. The ceramic glass surface not only exudes elegance but also facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance.

Safety remains paramount, with the auto-lock safety system providing peace of mind by promptly locking the hob when needed. Enjoy added convenience with the cooking timer, power plus function, child lock, residual heat indicator, and power management features.

The easy installation kit simplifies setup, ensuring you embark on your culinary adventure swiftly. With a maximum nominal power of 7400 W, this hob provides the strength to tackle a variety of culinary challenges.

To enhance your cooking experience further, consider the optional Grilling Plate and Teppanyaki accessories. These additions open doors to a world of grilling and Japanese-style cooking, adding depth to your culinary creations.

Experience the future of cooking with the 60cm DirectSense with FullFlex Induction hob. From precision temperature control to an array of cooking functions, this hob embodies innovation, style, and performance, empowering you to craft exceptional dishes with every culinary endeavor.

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